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Toddler critical after TV fell on her

3TV and Staff PHOENIX — A Phoenix 3-year-old is fighting for her life after a television set fell on her.

It happened Wednesday at the girl’s home near 63rd Avenue and Osborn Road.

According to police, the toddler somehow managed to pull down the TV set, which was inside an entertainment center. The TV landed right on top of her.

The girl’s parents performed CPR. She was in critical condition when she was rushed to the hospital.

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  Nancy wrote @ September 3rd, 2010 at 4:04 pm

I don’t know if this is the person…but from the same type of thing….a foundation has been formed by a father and grandfather of a little girl who died from a TV falling on her. The foundation…MJ’s Center of Hope was formed to help other families who have lost a little one before their time with free counseling, financial help with the funeral and other support.

There is going to be a candle lite walk and safety fair on Dec 11, 2010 in Phoenix, AZ.

Check out their website:

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