Poisonous Household Products and Plants

Every home poses dangers, the following list will point out many of the dangers that children face on a daily basis.  Be sure that all dangerous products are locked and placed out of harms reach.

After-shave lotion Lamp oil
Ammonia Laxatives
Acetaminophen Mercury Batteries
Baby Oil Mothballs
Bleach Nail Polish
Charcoal-Lighting Fluid Oven Cleane
Correction Fluid Paint Thinner
Dishwasher Detergent Room Deodorizer
Fertilizer Solvents
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Insecticides/ Pest strips
Insect Repellent
Azalea Lily of the Valley
Caladium Mushrooms (most)
Christmas Pepper Nicotiana
Delphinium Philodendron
Fruit pits from any tree fruits
Foxglove Privet
Hyacinth Rhubarb (leaves)
Iris Tobacco
Jerusalem cherry Wisteria
Alcoholic beverages Laundry Products
Aspirin Lye
Auto Wax Motor Oil
Baby Powder Mouthwash
Boric Acid Nail Polish Remover
Cleaning Fluid Paint
Cosmetics Perfume
Drain Cleaner Rubbing Alcohol
Furniture Polish
Hair Spray Turpentine
Weed Killer
Windshield Washer Solution
Bird of Paradise pods
Bloodroot Morning Glory
Castor Bean Narcissus (bulbs)
Daffodil and Jonquil Oleander
Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane)
English Ivy Poison Ivy
Holly Berries Rhododendron
Hydrangea Sweet Pea
Jack in the Pulpit Tulip
Lantana Yew

If you have any questions about an item not found on this list, please contact the Poison Control Center or your local health care professional. If you have a household plant that is not listed here and you are unsure of its toxicity, please contact the Poison Control Center or your local plant nursery.

REMEMBER: NEVER give syrup of ipecac or induce vomiting without first calling the Poison Control Center. For more detailed and customized solutions to your child-proofing challenges, please call us and we’ll send one of our Home Safety Specialists to your home, at your convenience, to assist you.

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