Safety for Baby 2,3, or 4

1. Take a very close look at any equipment you intend to reuse. What sort of condition is it in? Remember, used clips, straps, safety catches and fixtures may not be in great working order. If in doubt, buy new equipment, contact the manufacturer for replacements, or get an expert to do a refit.

2. Get down on your hands and knees to remind yourself what the new baby/toddler can see and reach. You must go back to basics.

3. An older child’s toys are often a danger to a younger one – be sure to keep them away- injury can also arise from them being left on the floor.

4. New and better child safety products are coming out all the time. Look at what is available now, and compare them to what you bought a few years ago. You may need to update a few items.

5. Potty training is a real hazard. The older child will be using the toilet and not necessarily put the lid down afterwards. Use a separate potty chair and install a lid lock and train the older child to use the lock.

6. Get the older child involved as your safety helper! Train the brother or sister to understand the dangers of leaving toys and other items in places the new toddler can get hold of them. Empower them with the awareness that small objects can cause choking and never to give the new baby anything without your permission. And especially never to put anything near the baby’s mouth.

7. Call a professional.

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  Annie wrote @ April 20th, 2009 at 12:27 pm

Thanks for the great advice! I will have to call soon for an evaluation to see if all of my equipment is still in working order!

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