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Poisonous Household Products and Plants

Every home poses dangers, the following list will point out many of the dangers that children face on a daily basis.  Be sure that all dangerous products are locked and placed out of harms reach. Read the rest of this entry »

Safety for Baby 2,3, or 4

1. Take a very close look at any equipment you intend to reuse. What sort of condition is it in? Remember, used clips, straps, safety catches and fixtures may not be in great working order. If in doubt, buy new equipment, contact the manufacturer for replacements, or get an expert to do a refit.

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Top 10 Dangers and Their Solutions

About 2 ½ million children are injured or killed each year by hazards in the home. The good news is that many of these incidents can be prevented by knowing the proper child safety devices and by using common sense. The following pages can help answer the basic questions that many parents have.

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